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Is Climate Change causing more hurricanes?
Climate Change is not connected to bigger storms
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Visit High schools for open houses and recruitment events; submit your application; and schedule and begin participating in admissions testing,

information sessions, auditions, and other admissions screenings as required.

Key Dates

October 2, 2017

High School Application Period Opens
Explore School & Program Options
As early as two months before applications are available, you will be able to enter the application system by activating your account.
This will allow you to create your full profile, enter the name of the student’s parent/guardian, and enter the names of any students in your household who will be applying.
October 2017
  • School/Program-Specific Admissions Screenings Begin
November – December 2017
  • High School Open Houses and Recruitment Events
December 15, 2017
  • High School Application Period Closes

Key Dates