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Transitional Bilingual Education Program (TBE)

Eli Whitney Elementary School is committed to helping children grow academically and linguistically. Our *Transitional Bilingual Education Program* (TBE) aims at developing bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural students who are prepared to meet the challenges of a rigorous curriculum. With an understanding that English Language Learners arrive at our school with a language asset we can build upon, we encourage our students to develop literacy skills in their native language as well as English.

Families play an integral role in the academic development of our students and are encouraged to participate in the educational process through the Bilingual Advisory Committee (BAC) parent advocacy group; an advisory group to the Local School Council.

Our students receive explicit and systematic instruction in Spanish and English as part of the literacy block as well as in the content areas of mathematics, science, and social science. Students in the TBE program receive ESL/ELD instruction from Kindergarten through 8th grade that ensures growth in English throughout their academic career at Eli Whitney.

Native language instruction continues through 8th grade allowing our students to retain their native language while simultaneously developing English language speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. We believe that by instructing our students in both languages we not only empower them as global citizens, but also prepare them to truly be college and career ready.